Applause for TSP Training

Original post, April 14, 2017

We want to offer our compliments to the Agency’s training department for finally arranging TSP training for the employees. After the Union informed the department a few months ago that the Thrift Savings Program offered free training in the DC area, the Agency began to work with the TSP to schedule training. The first class, in early April, was completely full with almost three dozen employees having to be turned away.

Other classes have been scheduled and we have no doubt that they, too, will be popular. We hope that the obvious and overwhelming demand for these classes will motivate the Agency to continue to offer them. The Agency has not offered these classes for many years, and we are happy that the agency responded to our suggestion to offer them.

The key is consistency: this kind of training should be offered at least twice a year to all employees, with no lapses after the latest one in 2017. Because TSP does not charge the Agency for classes in the DC area (and only charges expenses for training outside the DC area), we see no reason for the Agency not to offer them.

It may also help improve morale at VOA. TSP training is something that OPM expects all federal agencies to offer their employees.

In addition, we have TSP training materials here at the union office for BBG employees, and one of our stewards recently attended a three-day-long training class at TSP headquarters. While we cannot give investment advice, we can certainly help you understand some of the technical aspects of the retirement savings program and give you personal attention. Just call or drop by and we will help you.

We will continue to work with the training department to encourage the agency to offer more TSP training, including for those at the mid-career level and those planning to retire soon. We encourage the agency to also offer retirement training and other kinds of financial planning training, including that provided by the nearby Graduate School USA.

We are also glad that the Agency is considering offering TSP training to our employees in Miami.

This a real plus for all employees. Again, kudos for the quick response.

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