1812’s Morale Survey of BBG/VOA


All 1812 members! On February 6, 2018 (Tuesday), an email was sent to the personal email address we have for you. Near the end of the email there is a link to a survey regarding morale at BBG/VOA – please take the time to participate! If you did not receive this email, please call or stop by the Union office to verify that we have the correct email address for you. Thank you!


Visitors to the AFGE Local 1812 office have the chance to glimpse a slice of Americana on display on the wall in the front office: A beautiful framed print of a Carol Highsmith photograph. The print was gifted to our Local by Carol Highsmith and her husband, Ted Landphair. Subject of the photograph is of the Hackberry General Store located on historic Route 66 in Hackberry, Arizona.

As some of you may remember, Ted Landphair worked for many years in VOA’s Worldwide English Division as a Features writer. Among other assignments, Ted provided numerous programs with travel stories from all over the United States. For many years, Ted was also a member of the AFGE Local 1812 Executive Board.

Carol Highsmith’s work has been the centerpiece of many important books about U.S. cities, states, religion and historical renovations nationwide. Her donated collection, Carol M. Highsmith Collection, at the Library of Congress, is featured in the top six collections out of 15 million images in the Library’s Prints & Photographs archive. Her work has been published in SmithsonianTimeNew York TimesArchitectureThe Washington Post Magazine and other national publications. 

Since Ted’s retirement, he and Carol have been traveling across the United States where Carol is documenting scenes of the United States for the This Is America! Foundation. www.thisisamericafoundation.org

AFGE Local 1812 sincerely appreciates this wonderful gift from Ted Landphair and Carol Highsmith.