Survey for Everyone (BBG/VOA)


This is for members and non-members of AFGE Local 1812 who work at this Agency.

AFGE Local 1812 would like to know your thoughts about morale at the Agency. We have created a simple, four question survey that you may access online.


Please check the personal email address that you, as a Union member, provided to the Union for a message regarding the survey. If you have not recently seen it, please check the other folders in your email, including ‘junk’ or ‘spam’. If you still don’t see the message, please call or stop by the Union office to provide a personal email address where we may send the link for the survey to you.

For non-members:

Here is a link to a five question survey. Please feel free to use it to share your thoughts regarding morale at the Agency.

For everyone:

To keep your response anonymous, do NOT provide your email address at the beginning of the survey. You may complete the survey without giving an email address; your answers will count just as much.

Thoughts will be compiled into bullet point summaries in order that the Union may ask for changes by the Agency based on your suggestions.

Thank you for giving some thought and time to this process.