The Passing of Marie Ciliberti

Marie Ciliberti

Marie Ciliberti passed away Monday, October 22, 2018. You can read her obituary here:

She worked for the VOA Russian Service and was particularly proud of her work with Willis Conover, broadcasting jazz music to many fans behind the iron curtain. She believed in the mission of the VOA and believed that the freedom expressed in the American art form of jazz was a one of the best ways to make connections with the people of the world.

After many years she retired from the VOA but she remained a presence in our lives as a member of AFGE Local 1812. She served on the AFGE Local 1812 Executive Board and served as the Local’s Legislative Coordinator. Many members learned how to contact their members of Congress and Senators through the tutelage of Marie. So many colleagues were able to continue working for the VOA because she fought so fiercely to protect their language services from being eliminated. When the closure of a language service became inevitable, she fought just as hard to have members of that language service placed in positions so that they could continue their federal careers.

She loved fighting for employees who she believed were unjustly treated especially those facing false charges against them or overly harsh and punitive disciplinary actions. We loved her for doing so.

She was a source of wise advise and institutional knowledge for many of us.

Here are some of the thoughts her colleagues have expressed about her. Please leave your thoughts as well.

I am devastated. I knew her age, but she looked great. – Isabela Coccoli

I have been thinking of her – such a wonderful lady. She did so much good in this world. – Zamira Edwards

I’m very sad to hear this. I got to know Marie in 2010 when BBG was trying to cut 65% Mandarin Service. Marie fought together with us successfully to defend the Service. Ever since then, I saw Marie in every fight along with us. I pray for her in heaven. – Robert Li

May her soul rest in Peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones. –  Grace Abdu

My heart is broken.- Huchen Zhang

She was so supportive of me, and protected me against my worse instincts. – Camille Grosdidier

I’m so sad to learn of the passing of Marie. She was an inspiration to all of us for her passion towards preserving human dignity and justice. Marie was an outstanding Union Legislative Coordinator. I miss receiving her email regarding issues being discussed in different Congressional committees, mostly related to Latin America. Those emails were sent late at night and I was impressed by her high energy and thorough investigation going past midnight.

We will miss her dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her loved ones. – Gonzalo Abarca

What A Loss For Us, She’ll be greatly missed. – Maureen Allen

May her soul rest in perfect peace. Please, my condolence to her family and friends. – Usman Ahmad