cox shutdown

Day 34 – Still Held Hostage

This is not about keeping a promise. The promise that Mexico will pay for a wall is broken and very unlikely to be fulfilled. Even if a wall is built that was only half of the promise so it won’t be a promise kept anyway. Sooo…

Let’s give the president the benefit of the doubt and accept that he truly believes a wall is necessary. He hasn’t yet said anything to convince anyone of this need. For their part, the Democrats have not said anything yet to convince anyone that a wall isn’t necessary. Most of us are not experts on border security. And the idea that only one side cares about border security is nonsense. Each cares about border security.

Why not form a panel of experts – each side gets to appoint an equal number of members (but it should include at least two rank and file government employees who work in border security) – and this expert panel can debate this issue and hopefully arrive at a consensus that will be acceptable to both sides.

You don’t need to hold our paychecks hostage to get this done.